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1ClubGolf is the perfect gateway into the game of golf and is how many of the best players of the game started due to a lack of equipment which ended up being an advantage as it forced innovation, imagination and strategy. It’s as it says golf with only 1 club used from start to finish doing away with the need to buy a set of club’s bag and trolley, making it cheaper and easier to learn. Whilst scoring can be an aspect of 1ClubGolf the aim is to enjoy the activity of golf at a steady pace thus being great exercise and time effective in our busy lives. 


Learning golf has never been more Easy, Fun and Affordable. Each 1 hour booking costs only $100 which includes a coach, equipment, 9 holes of golf and can be shared by up to 4 people. That's an amazing $25 dollars per person in a group of 4 and you will be playing golf straight away rather than spending hundreds of dollars on lessons and hour at the range. The only extra you will need is a handful of golf balls 

The Course

Oakleigh Public is a hidden gem located a stones throw from Chadstone shopping center, its the ultimate course for a quick nine holes. With just two par 4 holes and the rest Par 3's its also a great place to learn the game in a friendly no stress environment  

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Oakleigh Public and its close links to St Andrews


What I hear you say the mainly par three 9-hole course built on reclaimed land in suburban Melbourne has close links the home of golf that’s rubbish! Actually, it is truer than you might think and that’s apart from the fact that they are both public courses built in a village. You see the seaside land; St Andrews and all links courses were built on had very little use for agriculture apart from grazing sheep who in turn were the perfect lawn mowers. Thus, making the land perfect for shared use and sheep tend to keep out of people’s way especially before Sunday roasts. There are also the living arrangements of the residents of St Andrews who generally live in far smaller houses than we in Australia are accustom with little or no green space. The courses in St Andrews fill that void and the majority of people in the town play golf to some extent or at very least get out and walk the courses or kick a soccer ball when closed for golf. 

Move forward to Oakleigh where we are seeing more and more high-rise apartments and subdivisions with little or no green space and we have a thin strip of land useless for building on as it floods and too narrow for football fields. Nor is there enough land to be viable for any sort of agriculture and the neighbours probably wouldn’t appreciate farmer brown anyway. True the soil at Oakleigh isn’t sand but rather clay and does get rather wet in winter in spots however it’s perfect for the course that’s on it. Also just like the Old Course Oakleigh goes out and then back which I love for beginners as you can play a 3, 5, 6 or a nine-hole loop when the course is quiet. 

True Oakleigh doesn’t get many international golf tourists and there is no ballot generally you can just walk on but it is a very important part of the community. The course is perfect for those starting the game and families to come out with children, we even have mums who tuck a few clubs in a pram and play nine holes. It’s an important hub for retired people to socialize and exercising on a regular basis, they may wing about a bad score but they don’t really care golf and all it offers is an important part of their life. 

Golf is for life not just for your younger years and Oakleigh Public if I have anything to do with it will be there for many years to come 

Sandy Jamieson  


About the Founder

Sandy Jamieson

Sandy has been coaching golf for more than 25 years and has a vast experience coaching golfers of all levels. Its his experience from teaching beginners to some of the worlds top players including Robert Allenby and Jarrod Lyle that has lead him back to public golf to focus on coaching beginners. it was the realisation that the least experienced golfers needed the most experienced coaches that has lead to the creation of 1Club Golf. its simply the best way to learn the game because you are actually out on course playing and learning at the same time making your experience seamless.       


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